Your specialised partner in polymers, base metals, chemicals and complex waste/scrap handling.

Alurite is an accredited metal and plastic recycling facility, which also specialises in manufacturing advanced chemicals called Defence X.

Your specialised partner in polymers, base metals, chemicals and complex waste/scrap handling.

Alurite is an accredited metal and plastic recycling facility, which also specialises in manufacturing advanced chemicals called Defence X.

About Us

Alurite is an accredited metal and plastic recycling facility that was founded in 2015. Located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, it has a large infrastructure of suppliers and customers both domestically and internationally.

As part of our entrepreneurial vision we are committed to sustainable recycling and aim to minimise waste, while producing quality products for our clients.

Our recycling facility helps to create employment which aids domestic growth. We proudly employ in excess 100 people and are fully committed to our employees, supplying regular training sessions in recycling processes at our facility.

Our mission at Alurite is to ensure that all the materials we handle work within the cradle-to-grave recycling principle. Cradle-to-grave can be defined as the design and production of products of all types, in such a way that at the end of their life they can be recycled (upcycled), imitating nature’s cycle with everything either recycled or returned to the earth (zero to landfill).

Our Accreditations

Our accreditations will be updated soon.

Our Partnerships

Alurite and Mertech Marine formed a strategic relationship to strengthen both businesses in various recycling sectors. A strategic partnership was formed to establish Mertech Cable and Wire (Pty) Ltd for the beneficiation from our single source steel to manufacture various products for the construction and agricultural industries.

More exciting news to come on other partnerships Alurite has formed.

Processing Ability

Our state-of-the-art recycling facility uses automated and manual processes to facilitate local employment, with a 25,000m2 yard and large warehouse facilities.

Use of the latest technologies and production procedures form the basis of our recycling and our production of high quality products.

We comply with international standards and legal regulations and train our employees regularly to ensure that they are not only aware of all quality principles, but that they also put them into practice while performing activities at work.

Our Offerings

Alurite provides a selection of advanced, quality products and services that range from chemicals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronic scrap (non-ferrous and precious metal rich components), and first generation extruded plastic pellet.

Defence X

Chemical Division Products

Copper Defence X

A self-santising surface paint with nano-suspended particles that make an important contribution to infection control. The use of antimicrobial nano-copper coating provides protection from infectious microbes by reducing surface contamination.


We offer a 70% alcohol containing liquid sanitiser for hands and surfaces.


We offer a hydrogen peroxide base for surface cleaning.

Chemical Services

  • Should you require any specific chemical blending please contact us for a quote.

  • Alurite prides itself on its diverse experience due to our training programmes and our strategic partnerships.

  • We are also developing new and exciting products.
Cable Recycling
  • A diverse processing and logistical infrastructure to allow processing of any cables including transformers/switch gear etc.

  • Using all segments of the cable either as a recycled product, semi-finished goods, or final product manufacturing.

  • Alurite takes copper and aluminium cables and processes them using a variety of methods to separate the metallics from the inorganics and contaminants to produce a metallic product.

  • We recycle all parts of the cable using creative techniques to ensure very little goes to landfill.

  • The separated products taken from recycling are copper and various polymers, these can be sold on to foundries and manufacturers to be reformed and reused, which reduces waste.
E-waste Recycling

E-waste Services

  • E-waste refers to discarded electrical goods that no longer have any use (Computers, mobile phones, televisions, fridges etc.)

  • Our E-waste management team will remove E-waste from your site and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner ensuring your company’s security.

  • We use specialist recycling methods to ensure your E-waste is reused, resold, salvaged, recycled or disposed of in a responsible manner.

  • Our in-house experience means that we can offer professional dismantling services focused on the medical and telecommunications sector.

  • Every consignment receives a Certificate of Safe Disposal.

Plastic Products

  • Our single source, first generation scrap is 100% derived from our undersea cable recovery and recycling.

  • Our Polymers are available either in raw cobs/granules or pelletized using our state-of-the-art processing facility.

  • Our strategic relationship coupled with our diverse processing and logistical infrastructure can assist in trading/sourcing all polymers, please contact us to find out more.


  • LDPE (Clear/Smokey and Black)
  • HDPE (Clear/Smokey/Green/Grey and Black)
  • PP (Clear/Smokey or Black)
  • PVC (Flex, Granule, Pelletized)
General Scrap
  • Alurite has since inception been active in all facets of scrap metal recycling, including buying, processing and selling.

  • We recycle scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metal into usable products for customers.

  • We provide on-site/off-site scrap management and metal recycling solutions.

  • Because of our continued focus and development in the way the world perceives recycling, we never lost our contact base to allow for general trade of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous at competitive rates.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of our advanced products or recycling services then please contact us today.

Tel: +27 (0)87 822 1824
Address: 119 Burman Road, Deal Party, Port Elizabeth


+27 (0)87 822 1824


119 Burman Road,
Deal Party,
Port Elizabeth,

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